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Alexis Narrates

modern-day storyteller
broadcast-quality home studio

Fantasy & YA - 1st person - F/M Dialogue

Children’s - 1st person - F Narration & Dialogue

Nonfiction - Educational - Art History

About Alexis

Hi there! I'm Alexis Campbell (she/her). Selected for the 2024 Audiobook Publishers Association (APA) Winter Mentorship program, I'm a Gen Z, African-American actor & narrator based in Colorado. Half Jamaican and half Grenadian, I speak Japanese & Finnish, and have studied Mandarin Chinese!I'm a trained singer, specializing in jazz & pop. I also studied in Japan during high school. I love funk guitar, boxing, traveling (Fiji, New Zealand), and video games.Growing up, my family and I moved all along the East Coast of United States (and Grenada too). During this time, I always loved reading & writing stories, and that naturally led me to a craft that allows me to continue to focus on just that! My home studio is professionally set up so I can work with you & the client remotely wherever you're located.I can't wait to work with you. Send me a message, and let's discuss your next project!

Home Studio

Microphones: Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone, Warm Audio WA47-JR (backup)
Interface: SSL 2DAWs: Reaper + Izotope RX 8 StandardBooth: Acoustically-treated custom sound boothRemote Recording Direction:
Source-Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Cleanfeed
All MP3 & WAV delivery formats available
Hardwired Internet | Average Download: 930.44 Mbps, Upload: 41.49 Mbps

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